Mecanica Ceahlau always on Top! The excellent results achieved during the year of 2016 and the sustained efforts of the entire Mecanica Ceahlau team ranked the company on the 1st place in National Top of Companies, Industry domain, Medium Companies. Thank you all for support and trust!
The field demonstration series with Mecanica Ceahlau equipments arrived in Giurgiu. Thus, days ago, farmers in the area were invited to participate for testing and studying the latest products in the company portfolio. The tested equipments were those for preparing the land for sowing: the reversible plow Optim with 3 semi-helical furrows , Magnum 3
This year, Ceahlau Mecanica started the field demonstrations alongside its partner Ampa Agricultura and the farmers from Ialomita County and then continued with the farmers from Olt County and its partner Cesivo Agricultura. The farmers present at the event were able to see all the equipments used for soil processing, at work: the Optim reversible
These days, Mecanica Ceahlau was the host of a second visit of the second year students from USAMV Iasi, EMIAIA (Exploitation of Machines and Installations for Agriculture and Food Industry) specialization, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Constantin Chirila. Our team has accompanied them throughout the visit presenting them all the stages and technologies through
Mecanica Ceahlau hosted the visit of a group of students from the Faculty of Agriculture of the USAMV Iasi, under the guidance of Prof. Dr.Cazacu Dan. The visit started with a brief presentation of the company, its evolution over time as well as with equipments from its portfolio and continued with the tour of the
We are waiting for you at Mecanica Ceahlau stand from AgriPlanta fair with the latest news from our range of machines and the latest financing offers. You can find us at E6 booth. We are gladly waiting for you!
Starting today until Sunday 7th May, we are at the AGRO Fair in Pitesti together with our partner Damac Sprint Management. We are waiting for you at our stand with the latest news and newest financing offers!
Mecanica Ceahlau, one of the leading Romanian manufacturers of agricultural equipments, has recently added a new product to its portfolio by signing a strategic partnership with Bellucci & Rossini, an Italian trailer manufacturer providing equipment for countries in Europe, South America, Africa Central and Eastern Europe. Manufactured under Mecanica Ceahlau brand, in partnership with the
Mecanica Ceahlau together with his partner Z&A Logistic participated between 6-9 of April to Agraria – Agriculture international trade fair, Food Industry and Animal Husbandry, organized at Cluj-Napoca. Thank you for your interest and for the fact that you were with us this time!
Nominated and awarded “Machine of the year 2016” at Agritechnica, the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment from Hanover, Terrus 6300 Steyr CVT is now in Romania! The 300 HP tractor sold by Mecanica Ceahlau’s team together with his partner Z & A Logistic, just arrived in the courtyard of a farmer
We thank to all our partners and clients with the help of which Mecanica Ceahlau obtained the 1st place in National Top of Companies from Romania, the most important ranking of business environment from our country, nationally made by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.
Indagra fair successfully completes the list of events where Mecanica Ceahlau was present this year. Thank you all for the shown interest for own brand equipments but also for those from Steyr and Projet range and we are waiting you to join us to future events.
Mecanica Ceahlau along with his partner Steyr, attended the Corn Day – already a tradition for farming, organized by Agroind Cauaceu at Diosig farm, for farmers from west and northwest of Bihor county. During the event, farmers have had the opportunity to appreciate the performances  of the new generation of equipments made by Mecanica Ceahlau:
Thank you all for the shown interest in Mecanica Ceahlau’s equipments which were exposed between 8 to 11 of September at our partner’s booth Tehnosad Agriculture, at Agromalim fair in Arad.  
Mecanica Ceahlau and its partners Steyr and Projet, exhibited its equipments between 1 – 4 of september at Agralim fair in Iasi. We thank all who visited our booth and showed their interest for our machineries.
We thank to our partners and to all farmers who attended our most recent events organized by Mecanica Ceahlau at Saulia, Mures County and at Ghigoiesti, Neamt County. During the field demonstration, farmers had the opportunity to appreciate the equipments performances for seedbed cultivation, seeding and planting, all of them realized and produced at the factory
Mecanica Ceahlau together with Dicor Land, one of the most active distributors of the Romanian manufacturer of agricultural equipment, from the south-east of the country, organized a field demonstration for testing the new equipment from the company’s portfolio. Farmers who attended the event appreciated the performance of the equipment tested during several hours of field
We thank to our partner Cesivo Agriculture and to all farmers who attended the demonstration organized in Bailesti where Mecanica Ceahlau tested the equipments made in its own concept and produced at Piatra Neamt. All the tested equipments are part of seedbed preparation range, like: the reversible plough Optim with 4 furrows, seedbed cultivator Solaris
The most active producer of agricultural equipments from Romania attracted recently the public’s attention present at AgriPlanta fair from Fundulea, by exposing the new series of equipments made in its own concept and produced at Piatra Neamt factory. The equipments have technical features that provide new functionalities and allows the improving of the results obtained
Mecanica Ceahlau’s new launched equipments were exhibited for the first time this year at Agraria fair in Cluj. Visitors were able to see the easy the Optim plough with 4 furrows, Solaris seedbed cultivator with 3 meters width, independent disc harrow Magnum with 3 meters width, 6 rows planters with double disc coulter – SPC
Bata Agro Fair from Bulgaria opens the fairs list to which Mecanica Ceahlau will participate this year. The attendance to this fair had double benefits: entering on the Bulgarian market and premiere exposure in the 2016 the first range of new equipment developed in its own concept – the light plough Optim with 4 furrows
Mecanica Ceahlau the most active Romanian producer of agricultural equipment, launches in March 2016 the first series of new equipment developed in its own concept. It’s about the 110 Optim ploughs with 3 and 4 furrows, respectively two new models of Solaris seedbed cultivator with 3 and 4 meters working width. The variants available from
From December, are available in Mecanica Ceahlau portfolio the new seed drills weeding plants for 6 and 8 rows (SPC 6DF and SPC 8DF model). Exposed in premiere at Indagra through SPC 6DF model, the new range with double disc coulter increase in field results obtained by farmers, ensuring a good seeding precision, due to
At Agritechnica fair 2015 recently held in Hanover, Steyr, one of the strategic partners of Mecanica Ceahlau, has launched in premiere the new range of tractors – Terrus CVT. The new Terrus CVT range consists of two models with 270 and 300 hp rated power, respectively, and is distinguished by its compact design, outstanding agility
Mecanica Ceahlau was recently included in the Most Innovative Companies Top in Romania (Edition 2015), conducted by the Business Magazine and launched on November 24th. The top was made based on a selection of projects carried out by companies active across all industries and evaluated by a specialized jury. Mecanica Ceahlau gained its place on

Agritechnica 2015

In 2015, under the Romanian flag, Mecanica Ceahlau participates at the largest fair for agricultural equipment in the world Mecanica Ceahlau the most active Romanian producer of agricultural equipment, attends between 10th to 14th of November, at the Agritechnica 2015 – the largest exhibition of agricultural equipment in the world. With 90 years of history
On 5th of November, Mecanica Ceahlau received a new recognition of its economic performances. The company was officially awarded for the achievements obtained in 2014,that positions Mecanica Ceahlau among the best companies in the industry, ranking it in the National Top Companies of Romania, 2015 edition. The National Top is annually organized by the Chamber
The edition of 2015 of the INDAGRA National Fair, meant for Mecanica Ceahlau, a valuable number of performances. The 20 editions of the fair, to which the company attended, brought us an honorary diploma from the organizers. The presentation of the entire generation of the new equipments developed in its own concept in the last

1st place

Dear Partners, We are honored to announce you that this year, with your help, we won 1st place for the results in Manufacture of machinery for agriculture in Neamt county in 2014, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Neamt. We thank you all for the offered support.  
Mecanica Ceahlău becomes strategic partner of the Italian manufacturer BGROUP – PROJET, a new brand launched on the Romanian market – Mecanica Ceahlău, one of the most active Romanian producer of agricultural equipments, announces a new strategic partnership: starting this fall, the company becomes a strategic partner of the Italian group BGROUP SpA, one of
More Mecanica Ceahlau equipments from the new generation have been recently exposed for the farmers in Arad, at the Agromalim fair, organized between 10th to 13rd of September at Arad Expo. The company participated with its distribution partner Tehnosad Agricultura, exposing on a 180 sqm area, 5 equipments from its portfolio: Solaris seedbed cultivator equipped
Mecanica Ceahlău participated in early autumn, at Corn Day – already a traditional event for Romanian agriculture, held on September 10th at Orezu in Ialomita County. To help farmers to familiarize themselves with the new generation of equipments of the Romanian manufacturer, the company exhibited at the fair the Solaris seedbed cultivator, Magnum harrow, Optim

Agralim fair 2015

We thank to everyone who showed their interest in our machines and those who visited our area at the Agralim fair between 3rd to 6th September.
Between 3rd to 6th of September, Mecanica Ceahlau exposes at Iasi, its new generation of equipments, developed in the last 12 months, through a constant effort to renew the equipments portfolio, which the Romanian producer runs within the modernization process of the company. The equipments will be exposed on a 450 sqm area, during Agralim
 The field demonstrations continue: The farmers from Buzau County appreciate the performance of Mecanica Ceahlau equipments.   Buzau County has recently hosted the fourth demonstration session organized by Mecanica Ceahlau for testing the new equipments from its portfolio. The event took place in Balta Alba, with the support of Agrisem, one of the most active
In a new demo session, The farmers in Mures county have tested the Mecanica Ceahlau equipments. At the end of July, the farmers from Mures County have been invited to participate to the first demo organized by Mecanica Ceahlau, in this part of the country. The event was set up with our partner Tehnosad Agricultura
Mecanica Ceahlău organized in the middle of July, a new session of field demonstration. The event took place on 16th of July at Ghigoiesti, Neamt County, and was hosted by Tehnoind farm, one of the collaborators of the Romanian manufacturer with a long tradition in agriculture, that owns an operation area of 1,500 hectares. During

Demo SUP 48DKL

The universal seed drill with double disc coulter from Mecanica Ceahlau provides the optimum solution for seeding on a land prepared with minimal processing. Among its main advantages we can mention the 72-speed Norton gearbox for small seeds and 72 speeds for normal seeds and the double disc coulter is that it does not gather

Mecanica Ceahlau increased its product portfolio with the new independent disc harrow with 4 meters working width – MAGNUM! It’s the ideal equipment for the soil superficial processing because facilitates the decomposition of organic matter and prevents the soil moisture loss.
Mecanica Ceahlau continues the tradition to participate every year to Agriplanta – RomAgroTec exhibition and to launch new equipments. This year we showed to the farmers the new independent disc harrow with 4 meters working width -Magnum. Besides this, Mecanica Ceahlau showed much of the product portfolio: seed drills, combiners, ploughs and the Steyr tractors.

Demo Lilieci

On a farm in the county of Ialomita, on May 22, Mecanica Ceahlau his partner AGRIROMEX presented a range of machinery for tillage and seeding crops. Over 50 farmers were able to see while working the specific equipment for seedbed preparation for wheat: Opal plough with 5 furrows, Solaris combiner with 5 meters working width,

Agraria 2015

With over 11,000 visitors in the first three days at Agraria 2015 Mecanica Ceahlau was a success! The new combiner SOLARIS was the star of the stand, visitors were impressed by this 100% romanian product , which in combination with the Steyr Kompakt 4105 tractor added a special interest on our products. We thank for
Since April, a new range of products are available for farmers. The OPTIM plows have been designed to respond to the needs of cost optimization and the maximization of the results, expressed by farmers involved in regular consultations organized by Mecanica Ceahlau. The product is the top of the range in Mecanica Ceahlău’s portfolio and
Between march 20th and 22nd Mecanica Ceahlau has attended with his partner Marsat to the international fair of agriculture and food industry Agro Expo Bucovina in Suceava. We thank all visitors for their interest in agricultural machinery from Mecania Ceahlau.


Between January 28th and 31st Mecanica Ceahlau has attended the AGROmash EXPO fair, the largest agricultural exhibition in Hungary with his partner Agroconnect KFT.
Mecanica Ceahlau began 2015 marked by communication and meeting farmers. In January, the Neamt Chamber of Agriculture representatives as well as farmers in the area were guests at our factory. The discussions were focused on the machinery launched in 2014 by Mecanica Ceahlau, the updates in 2015, as well as the investments for improving the
The TÜV THÜRINGEN certification body has recently renewed the certification for the main activity field of Mecanica Ceahlau: Research & Development, manufacturing and machinery marketing and agriculture equipment. With nearly 100 years of experience in manufacturing machinery, Mecanica Ceahlau continuously develops the quality and efficiency of the equipment offered to farmers. A dedicated team of

Agro-Zoo Fair

We thank the visitors and organizers of the Agro-Zoo Fair for the Diploma of Excellence received by participating with our partner Green Expert.
Between September 24 and 26, Mechanical Ceahlau has participated in the “Agroial Partner” Agriculture and Food Industry Fair in Slobozia.

Agralim Fair Iasi

Thank you for your interest in the Mecanica Ceahlau products exhibited at the Agralim Fair in Iasi, with out partner IRUM.
Thank you for visiting our Mecanica Ceahlau booth at the “Agro Bihor” Farmers’ Fair between August 29 to 31 in Era Park Oradea, where we participated with our partner, Agroline Mecanics.

Farmer Expo Fair

Between 17 and 20 August 2014, Mechanica Ceahlau has attended, together with our partner PANAGROTEH GRUP (Bihor), the Farmer Expo Fair in Debrecen, Hungary.
Imbunatatirea design-ului la semanatorile romanesti
Mechanical Ceahlau supports young talented students from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. During the project entitled “Improving the design of the Romanian seed drills”, conducted over a period of two months, Mechanical Ceahlau has awarded talented students, encouraging them on their path to success. The winning team was comprised of Radu Popa and Vlad Popa,
During 5-8 June 2014, Mecanica Ceahlau has attended the Agriplanta fair in Fundulea, Calarasi County.  
Mechanica Ceahlau has attended the Annual Meeting of the AGRALIM Club on the 16th May 2014, with the participation of Mr. Daniel Constantin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, gathering a number of over 600 participants from all over Moldova. The issues raised by farmers that have attended the event, with a
AGRALIM - Mecanica Ceahlau
Between 24 and 27 April 2014, Mechanical Ceahlau has attended, together with our partner Sada The Agraria International Agriculture, Food Industry and Animal Husbandry Fair in Cluj. The Mecanica Ceahlau products are still exhibited in the showroom on Muncii Boulevard, Cluj-Napoca.