Mecanica Ceahlau at Agriplanta 2016 – new generation equipment


The most active producer of agricultural equipments from Romania attracted recently the public’s attention present at AgriPlanta fair from Fundulea, by exposing the new series of equipments made in its own concept and produced at Piatra Neamt factory. The equipments have technical features that provide new functionalities and allows the improving of the results obtained on field during all types of agricultural work.

For the first time for farmers from the South East of the country, Mecanica Ceahlau exposed, the latest generation of equipments available on the market in 2016: 4 meters width independent disc harrow – Magnum 4, 4 meters seedbed cultivator – Solaris 4 and the easy plough with 4 furrows Optim 4, all launched this year. The Mecanica Ceahlau’s pavilion hosted a serie of equipments from the range designed in 2015, very well received by farmers: CFM 7 row crop cultivator, 6 rows planter with double disc coulter – SPM 6DF and 29 rows seed drill with double disc coulter SUP 29DKTM with additional features.

Thanks to everyone who showed their interest on our machines and those who visited our booth during May 19 to 22.