All those involved in agriculture, from farmers to manufacturers of agricultural machineries, are directly influenced by the quality of soil, water and climate.

Our concern to protect the most important asset we have and its preservation for future generations, follows two axes:

  • Products that have incorporated renewable resources, equipments with lower consumption
  • Our processes that may have an impact on the environment are closely monitored and continuously improved to mitigate this impact.

Since 2013 til now, through the measures taken within the company we managed to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment as follows:

  • Upgrading the heating system resulted in a saving of 7% methane
  • Water and energy consumption was reduced by 36%
  • Increased with 5.5% the quantity of harness waste through continuous improvement of the management of it (recycling of paper and cardboard, metal debris and technology write-offs and truck production machines scrapped, plastics resulting from process assembly, etc.).

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for Integrated Management System environment quality. Annual surveillance audit is performed by TUV-THÜRINGEN certification body for environmental management system in accordance with SR EN ISO 14001, following which recommended measures to improve environmental management processes. 2014 renewal of this certification confirms the permanent concern to propose, develop and produce agricultural equipments in Romania, to quality standards agreed internationally.