Aware of the importance of financing in development of a modern and sustainable agriculture, together with our partners, we offer tailored solutions to your needs.

Contact us and our sales team together with financial experts, will provide you professional counseling will provide you professional counseling for the best finance according to your needs.

So far Mecanica Ceahlau collaborate successfully with several of the major players on the financial market, whose financing deals are very attractive.

Patria Bank Patria Bank UniCredit Leasing
RON FUNDING – for Mecanica Ceahlau equipments EURO FUNDING – for Mecanica Ceahlau equipments EUR Leasing and credit – for Mecanica Ceahlau equipments
4 years funding period 4 years funding period Interest rate 0 % for credit / leasing for 12 months
0.99% interest rate 1.99% interest rate Interest rate 1.09 % for credit / leasing for 24 months
1% granting fee 1% granting fee Interest rate 1.79 % for credit / leasing for 36 months
0.20% management fee 0.25% management fee Interest rate 2.09 % for credit / leasing for 48 months
Down payment starting with 5% Down payment starting with 5% 1.5%granting fee
0.01% management fee
Down payment starting with 5%

If we have convinced you and you want more information about the conditions of purchase of the agricultural machineries and equipments, do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives at: or


– The complete funding application, signed;
– The last two balance sheets (the last biannual balance sheet for the current year), including appendixes, balance checks, as well as the lance balance sheet for the current year;
– The technical specification of the goods;
– The client’s constitutive documents, as well as the constitutive act, updated at the date when the funding application is submitted;
– A certificate issues by the Payment and Agriculture Intervention Agency (APIA) for the last two years; in their absence, the certificates issued by the town hall regarding the cultivated land, and, if necessary, the last two annual milk statement quotas;
– Farm register extract
– The client’s agreement regarding consultation of the Credit Risk Center;
– Unique Registration Certificate, Tax Record Certificate, copy of the admInistrator’s ID;
– The signature specimen of the person.


– the structure of the crops (cultivated areas, average productions, etc.) / the structure of the animal production (numbers, production, etc.) – depending on the case;
– breakdown of cultivated lands (cultivated areas, property/rent, etc.);
– works for land improvement (eg. Irrigation, etc.);
– storage capacity;
– crop insurance;
– details of the company’s assets (type, wear, use, etc.);
– experience with non-refundable funding (SAPARD, PNDR, etc.).