Corn day alongside farmers from Ialomita County

Mecanica Ceahlău participated in early autumn, at Corn Day – already a traditional event for Romanian agriculture, held on September 10th at Orezu in Ialomita County.

To help farmers to familiarize themselves with the new generation of equipments of the Romanian manufacturer, the company exhibited at the fair the Solaris seedbed cultivator, Magnum harrow, Optim plough, respectively the SUP 29DK and the SUP 32DKL seed drills.

Also, farmers had the opportunity to study the Steyr Kompakt 4105 tractor, that joined the company’s portfolio early this year, due to the Steyr partnership.

During the fair, Mecanica Ceahlau also offered a voucher with a special sale for the equipments purchases in this season, granted by lottery and initiated by the organizer.