Honorary Diploma for 20 consecutive participations at Indagra

Principala Indagra

The edition of 2015 of the INDAGRA National Fair, meant for Mecanica Ceahlau, a valuable number of performances.

The 20 editions of the fair, to which the company attended, brought us an honorary diploma from the organizers.

The presentation of the entire generation of the new equipments developed in its own concept in the last 12 months, was another performance, supported by a double exhibition space from a year earlier, occupied by Mecanica Ceahlau.

Also launching on Romanian market the PROJET range of sprayers, the latest brand partner of the company in the portfolio of BGROUP, top Italian producer at European level, was again a premiere at INDAGRA.

Our efforts to provide effective and efficient equipment on Romanian market for modern agriculture, were truly appreciated by the farmers who attended the fair during October 20-November 1, 2015.

Thank you all for the increased interest and for the fact that you were by our side this time too!