Mecanica Ceahlau launches the first series of agricultural equipment from 2016


Mecanica Ceahlau the most active Romanian producer of agricultural equipment, launches in March 2016 the first series of new equipment developed in its own concept. It’s about the 110 Optim ploughs with 3 and 4 furrows, respectively two new models of Solaris seedbed cultivator with 3 and 4 meters working width.

The variants available from 2015 were the ploughs with 3,4 and 5 furrows for Optim range, respectively the seedbed cultivator with 5 meters working width for Solaris range.

By developing new products, we are constantly expanding our range, in order to put equipment available to farmers to cover their needs for a better working of the land.

OPTIM ploughs

The range of OPTIM reversible ploughs is designed to optimize the operation of plowing, allowing

the decrease of approximately 30% of the equipment maintenance costs and a longer period of payback in terms of increased working efficiency. The main features are related to maintaining a high quality soil structure and an efficient incorporation of crop residues, with an extremely good maneuverability and reliability on field.

SOLARIS seedbed cultivators

Solaris seedbed cultivators used in seedbed preparation after plowing or after scarifying, have as main attribute the possibility of processing the land through a single pass due to the variety of work operations, encompassing all operations into a single one. Performs a depth processing of the soil not only on the surface, leaving behind a leveled and prepared seedbed for sowing works.

High operating working speeds up to 15 km/h and high productivity contributes to the reduction of time needed to processing the field and better organizing of agricultural works.

For details and purchase, please contact Mecanica Ceahlau dealers across the country.