New equipments available in Mecanica Ceahlau portfolio


From December, are available in Mecanica Ceahlau portfolio the new seed drills weeding plants for 6 and 8 rows (SPC 6DF and SPC 8DF model).

Exposed in premiere at Indagra through SPC 6DF model, the new range with double disc coulter increase in field results obtained by farmers, ensuring a good seeding precision, due to the pneumatic dispenser, and a better incorporation of granular fertilizers.

Thus, using the fertilizer equipment, the fertilizer is embedded to a depth of 2-3 cm below the seeding depth and at a distance of 3-6 cm lateral to the row of seeds, allowing bud sprouting protection and avoid chemical burn.

Both models of seed drills – SPC 6DF and SPC 8DF – are in stock and available for sale.

For details and purchase, please contact Mecanica Ceahlau dealers across the country.