Mecanica Ceahlau equipments at the Agralim fair, Iasi County

Between 3rd to 6th of September, Mecanica Ceahlau exposes at Iasi, its new generation of equipments, developed in the last 12 months, through a constant effort to renew the equipments portfolio, which the Romanian producer runs within the modernization process of the company.

The equipments will be exposed on a 450 sqm area, during Agralim fair, where Mecanica Ceahlau is present with its distribution partner Arterius Business.

Farmers attending the fair will have the opportunity to study in detail the performances of six new-generation equipments exposed on the dedicated space for Mecanica Ceahlau.

Solaris seebed cultivator – it is an equipment that can be used in both autumn and spring, because of the possibility of equipping with specific kits. The high working speeds up to 15 km / h and increased productivity helps to reduce the time required for tillage and better organization of agricultural work. Solaris allows processing the field through a single pass, leaving a seedbed leveled and ready for sowing.

The reversible plough Optim – designed to optimize the plowing operation, it’s a machine available in 3 options (with 3, 4 or 5 furrows) and allows the decrease up to 30% of the maintenance costs of the equipments and longer payback period, in terms of increased efficiency in the ground.

Magnum Harrow with independent disc harrows – It is intended to prepare the ground for sowing stubble and maize, on medium and heavy soils, ensuring an excellent penetration into the ground and having a longer lifespan. The equipment can be used both in traditional farming systems, and in the system of minimum soil processing.

5.2 Disc harrow – With a productivity up to 3.2 ha / h, this machine is effective for all types of soil, providing a wide range of applications, from destroying weeds, crushing lumps, loosening the soil to leveling the ground for sowing.

SUP 29DK seed drill – mounted behind a 80 HP tractor, it is intended for sowing seeds in rows for crop plants (wheat, barley, oats, peas, rapeseed, millet, poppy, flax, fennel, clover, alfalfa and the other like size – in standard option) and can be adjusted to a constant seeding depth of 8 cm and has 72-step gearbox for small seeds and 72-step gearbox for normal seeds.

SUP 32DKL seed drill – equipped with double disc coulters so that they do not gather the crop residues, but to crumble them, the double seed dispenser offers the possibility for sowing really small seeds in doses of up to 2 kg/ha (canola, clover, alfalfa, poppy, millet, mustard).

All equipments are developed and implemented in its concept by the team of Mecanica Ceahlău, as a result of feedback from farmers on their needs to make a modern agriculture with effective results and costs kept under control.

The equipments exhibited at the Agralim fair will have special prices for purchase throughout the event in Iasi.