Mecanica Ceahlau’s equipments tested at Ghigoieşti, Neamt County


Mecanica Ceahlău organized in the middle of July, a new session of field demonstration. The event took place on 16th of July at Ghigoiesti, Neamt County, and was hosted by Tehnoind farm, one of the collaborators of the Romanian manufacturer with a long tradition in agriculture, that owns an operation area of 1,500 hectares.

During the demonstration session from  Ghigoieşti, the guests had the opportunity to see how it works the OPTIM plow with five furrows, a 100% Romanian concept , equipment launched  a few months ago by Mecanica Ceahlău.

In addition to the range of OPTIM plows, were also tested the Magnum harrow, the Solaris combiner, the SUP 29DK seed drill – equipment made after direct consultation with the farmers about their needs in order to make a modern agriculture.

The demonstration was performed in stubble, in the interest of the farmers so they can test the operation of the new equipments in difficult conditions and the participants particularly appreciated the robustness, reliability and the fact that they are easy to use.

The machines that were put into service in the field were trailed by a Steyr CVT 6200 tractor and farmers had the opportunity to study also the other 2 models of Steyr – CVT 6230 along with Profi Classic 6140, distributed on the Romanian market by Mecanica Ceahlău and exposed at the event from Neamt County.

In the modernization process of the production flow and of all equipment held in its portfolio, Mecanica Ceahlău opened in 2015 the series of the field demonstrations, organized in various parts of the country, so that the farmers can study in detail the capabilities of the equipment distributed by the Romanian manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

The series appeared in the early summer of 2015 at Lilieci, in Ialomita County, and will continue throughout the year, with new organized events in the country.