The farmers from Buzau County appreciate the performance of Mecanica Ceahlau equipments

 The field demonstrations continue:

The farmers from Buzau County appreciate the performance of Mecanica Ceahlau equipments.


Buzau County has recently hosted the fourth demonstration session organized by Mecanica Ceahlau for testing the new equipments from its portfolio.

The event took place in Balta Alba, with the support of Agrisem, one of the most active dealers of the Romanian manufacturer and held on a land of two hectares.

The farmers who attend the event appreciated the performances of the new equipment, tested during several hours and started the discussions regarding the acquisition of the necessary equipments for the next season.

The equipments tested at Balta Alba were:

  • Optim plough with 3+1 furrows
  • Magnum harrow with independent discs and 4 meters width
  • Solaris combinator with 5 meters width, with autumn and spring kit
  • SUP 48DKL the 48-row seed drill with double disc coulter
  • SK 6DF the high precision pneumo-mechanical seed drill

Also, the farmers had the chance to study in detail the Kompakt 4105 Steyr tractor and the SUP 29DK universal seed drill, both equipments exhibited at the event in Buzau.

The demonstration in Balta Alba is the fourth event organized by Mecanica Ceahlau in 2015. The series begun in May, in Ialomita County and continued with similar events in Neamt, Mures and Buzau County.

The equipments which were tested during demonstration sessions are Romanian equipments, developed by Mecanica Ceahlau team in the last 18 months, after the company began the process of upgrading its portfolio of products and developed a new strategy to strengthen the brand and also a familiar approach of the end user.