Mecanica Ceahlau – premiere to the demo in Giurgiu county

The field demonstration series with Mecanica Ceahlau equipments arrived in Giurgiu. Thus, days ago, farmers in the area were invited to participate for testing and studying the latest products in the company portfolio. The tested equipments were those for preparing the land for sowing: the reversible plow Optim with 3 semi-helical furrows , Magnum 3 the independent disc harrow with 3 meters working width, MAS 5 subsoiler with 5 anchors and 2.5 meter working width, GDG 421 heavy disc harrow, tested after ploughing and in the stubble. The climax was the testing the newest product of Mecanica Ceahlau – the Solaris seedbed cultivator with a 6-meter working width. It is part of the Solaris range of seedbed cultivators with working widths ranging from 3 to 6 meters, which were launched by the company since 2015 and highly appreciated by farmers. At work in aggregate with Mecanica Ceahlau equipments were the Steyr tractors, from Kompakt and Profi Classic range, tractors that are part of both the company’s stock and tractors purchased by farmers who wanted to present them at work during the event. In addition to the equipments that participated at field demonstration, farmers had the opportunity to study: SUP 29DK Diva the 29-row seed drill with double disc coulter, equipped with ladder and bridge and with a new seed distributor, the agricultural trail with a 14 tonne capacity – the newest product in the company’s portfolio, and LORD 2700 BDL boom sprayer, with a 18 meters working width and 2700 liters capacity, which also has a special price in this period.

Thank you to all those present and we look forward to our future events!