ATRIA 195 Mower

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The drum mowers made by Mecanica Ceahlau are intended for harvesting fodder plants from lands with slightly uneven spontaneous flora as well as from lands with cultivated grasses. They cut the plants at different heights depending on the crop being harvested and deposit them in the form of a continuous furrow for drying.



CharacteristicsATRIA 195
Machine typeworn
Power required [CP]45
Drums number2
Number of knives on the drum4
Cutting knife length[mm]108
Cutting knife width[mm]47
Cutting knife thickness [mm]3
Drum speed[rot/min]1920
Belt size17 x 3150LI
Number of greasers6
Pulley diameter [mm]270 x 180
Power socket[rot/min]540
Working speed [km/h]8
Total length/ in traffic [mm]1000/3000
Total width / in traffic [mm]3050/1000
Total height [mm]1100
Working width of the machine [mm]1950
Weight [kg]430