CFM 9 Row crop cultivator

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Row crop cultivators are intended for weeding and mellowing the soil, realizing a good copy of it and an uniform working depth.


• The working bodies are hoeing, destroying the weeds and venting the soil
• Are equipped with fertilizing equipment acted from the wheel
• The soundness of the equipment allows work on all types of soil
• Adjusting the blades is made easy and fast
• The replacement of active elements and depth adjustment is performed with great ease
• Soil copying through the wheels ensures an uniform working depth over all the width of the section
• Flexibility in adjusting the distance covered by the working elements and the plant protection area
• Uniform distribution of the fertilizer types, through free fall near the plant rows
Optionally, can be equipped with:
• Protection equipment for the plants with protective discs during the weeding
• Ploughs for earthing up and open gutters


Machine typeworn
Power required [CP]90 - 100
Number of work sections9
Number of rows worked simultaneously8
Distance between rows [cm]70
Working depth[cm]*10
Type of working organsarrow knives, unilteral knives
Number of stabilizer wheels2
Number of copy wheels9
Convering between hoeing Knives [cm]1.5
Fertilizer bunker capacity[l]4 x 180
Productivity [ha/h]1.5 - 2.3
Dimensions [Lxlxh](m)2.25 x 6.5 x 2.55