SUP 400 DIAMANT Seed drill cu with double disc coulter

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Destined for row sowing of crop plant seeds, the DIAMANT range consists of 2 models with a working width of 3 and 4 meters. They are equipped with a 72-speed Norton gearbox and the triple seed distributor offers the possibility to sow very small seeds in doses up to 2 kg / ha (rapeseed, clover, alfalfa, flax, poppy, millet, mustard) .


The double disc coulter can be adjusted to a constant sowing depth of 8 cm
• Large seed hopper capacity
• Increased diameter of seed coulters
• Equipped as standard with compaction wheels
• Telescopic track markers with spherical discs
• Equipped with triple seed dispenser offers the possibility to sow very small seeds (rapeseed, clover, alfalfa, flax, poppy, millet, mustard) in doses up to 2 kg / ha
• Switching from seed type to normal or vice versa is done by simply pressing a button on the dispenser, moving from one position to another
• The advantage of double disc coulters is that they do not collect plant debris, contributing to their shredding

Optionally it can be provided with: with cover claws, compaction chain, technological system “2 or 3 closed rows” controlled from the tractor, with fertilization


Machine typeworn cu mecanism categoria a II-a ISO
Power required[CP]120- 140
Working weidth4
Number of rows31
Distance between rows [cm]13
Seed distributioncylinder with triple spurs
Seed flow adjustmentgearbos with 72 gears
Adjusting of the sowing depthwith screw mechanism from the support wheels of the seed drill, by changing the distance from the car frame to the ground
Seed hopper capacity [l]1260
Type of seed coultersdouble disc
Diameter of sowing coulters370
Productivity [ha/h]1.4 - 2.8
Working speed km/h5-10
Dimensions [Lxlxh](m)2.46 x 4.6x 1.62