SUP 29BP Seed drill cu with skid coulter

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The mechanical distribution of seed drills for straw with skid coulter gives simplicity, reliability and low costs of the operation. Suitable for all soil types and traditional usage methods, seed drills with skid coulters are fitted with harrow rings to cover the seeds and land leveling after sowing.


• Are equipped with skid coulter for soil incorporation of the seed
• The coulter wings are extended to maintain the sidewalls of the culverts and cut on the bottom to enable the seed coating with a first layer of moist soil
• For sowing small seeds (into surface layer), coulters are provided with deep skid limiters, adjustable
• Double distributor provides the sowing of small and normal seeds
• The transition from small seeds to normal and vice versa is achieved by simply actuation of a button on the dispenser, passing from one position to another
• Setting the seed amount is made fast and accurate and starts from 2 kg/ha
• Allow work on flat land and on a slope of 6 degrees


Machine typeworn
Power required[CP]65- 80
Working weidth3.63
Number of rows29
Working depth[cm]2- 8 cm always
Distance between rows [cm]12.5
Seed flow adjustmentgearbos with 72 gears
Seed distributioncompact double seed dispensers
Seed hopper capacity [l]400
Type of seed coultersskate
Productivity [ha/h]1.3 - 2.6
Working speed [km/h]5- 10
Transport speed[km/h]15
Dimensions [Lxlxh](m)2 x 4.2 x 1.4