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SPC PHOENIX the newest range of precision planters, with double disc coulter and centralized transmission, is intended for sowing weeds (corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet, beans, melons, etc.) simultaneously with the administration of granulated chemical fertilizers. The equipment with double disc coulters guarantees an efficient sowing regardless of the quality of the soil or its preparation.


Centralized adjustment, through the gearbox, of the distance between the grains in a row
• The double disc coulter has all the components in rolling motion so it eliminates mostly frictions, thus preventing wear
• Wear-resistant active parts because they are made of heat-treated alloy steels
• Equipped with plastic bunkers for fertilizers with a capacity of 300 l
• The double disc coulter guarantees an efficient sowing regardless of the quality of the soil or its preparation
• Manage fertilizer at the same time as sowing. The fertilizer is distributed in the soil below the level at which the seed is incorporated, and laterally, which ensures a better recovery of the active substance.
• Markers with individual hydraulic actuation
• The robustness of the machine allows working in flat ground or on slopes of maximum 6 degrees.

Optionally, it can be equipped with: electronic installation for sowing control and equipment for administering microgranular fertilizer


Machine typeworn
Power required [CP]80- 95
Number of rows8
Working depth [cm]4-12
Distance between rows[cm]70
Distance between grains in a row[cm]11- 45
Seed distributionpneumatics and vertical disc with holes
Seed flow[grains/ha]adjustable in 42 gears centralized from the gearbox from 31.000 at 127.000
Seed bunker capacity [l]35 x 8
Fertilizer bunker capacity [l]double disc
Type of seed coultersdouble disc
Type of fertilizer coultersbrazdar dublu disc
Productivity [ha/h]2.2 - 3.6
Working speed [km/h]5- 7
Dimensions [Lxlxh](m)1.9 x 6.0 x 2.1
Weight [kg]1480