SAFIR 6 Planter

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The planters for weeds (corn, sunflower and others) on 6 or 8 rows from the new SAFIR range, are equipped with double disc coulters for seeds of 370 mm and for fertilizers with a diameter of 315 mm. It has an enlarged depression extractor with curved blades and low noise in use and the depression is adjusted by the shutter flap at exhaust.


Coupling frame for rigid tractor, with the possibility of easy coupling to all types of tractors
– Sowing section with double disc coulter, with a diameter of 370 mm
– Plastic seed bunkers
– High capacity fertilizer bunker
– Copying wheels equipped with scrapers
– Gearbox in oil bath
– Transmission to fertilization equipment directly from the drive wheel (with chain wheels, for a quick change of sowing speeds)
– Enhanced depression extractor with curved blades and low noise in use
– Easy adjustment of the depression through the shutter when exhausted

Optionally, it can be equipped with: electronic installation for sowing control and equipment for administering microgranular fertilizer


Machine typeworn
Power required [CP]90 - 110
Number of rows6
Working depth [cm]continous adjustment 2- 8 cm, with two level wheels
on either side of the coulter"
Distance between rows[cm]70
Distance between grains in a row[cm]7 - 34
Seed distributionpneumatics and vertical disc with holes
Seed bunker capacity[l]35 x 6
Fertilizer bunker capacity [l]300 x 2
Type of seed coultersdouble disc
Diameter of the seed coulters [mm]370
Type of fertilizer coultersdouble disc
Diameter of fertilizer coulters [mm]315
Productivity [ha/h]1.6 - 2.6
Working speed [km/h]6 - 8
Dimensions [Lxlxh](m)2.05 x 4 x 1.6
Weight [kg]1580