MIS 1200 Fertilizer spreader

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The fertilizer spreaders (the trailed ones), are connected to the tractor through a 3 points system. The chassis is made of a rectangular tube of 80 x 100 mm and the fertilizer hooper from steel sheet. The distribution of fertilizers is achieved through two stainless steel discs, with three pallets each. The amount to be distributed is manually adjusted. The fertilizer spreaders have a hydraulic distributor connected to the tractor, which ensure quick closure or opening (from the tractor cab) of the flap for the distribution of fertilizer, thus avoiding unnecessary losses. The fertilizer spreaders are standard equipped with tarpaulin and cardan.


• They have two discs with a centrifugal spreader
• Control system in order to manage the optimal amount of fertilizer
• Protected hopper against corrosion by electrostatic painting and the active elements (rotor with scattering paddles) are stainless steel
• It can also be used for spreading the seeds of medicinal herbs and clovers
• No adjustments during operation
• Simple handling of the adjustment devices
• Transmission from the tractor’s PTO through cardan shaft
• Used for any type of granular fertilizer or amendment


Machine typeworn
Required power[CP]80 - 90
Bunker capacity [l]1200
Working weidth[m]18 - 24
Number of spreading discs2
Number of rotations on spreading discs540
The number of paddles on the spreading discs3
Gearbox transmission1/33
Working speed[km/h]10 - 12
Width [mm]1150