MC200/RT-2A Trailer – 20 TONES

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Out of the will to provide farmers with a complete range of equipment, necessary for carrying out agricultural activities at a modern and competitive standard, we developed together with the Italians from Bellucci & Rossini, the range of agricultural trailers with 2 or 3 axles, tilting on 3 sides. Agricultural trailers are characterized by high reliability and quality, which users will enjoy over many years of operation and use and are perfect for transporting bulk materials and agricultural products. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of load capacities from 4 to 20 tons.


• Steel shutters with profile heads, fully tilting and removable
• Side and rear shutter closure system
• Trowel with tow eye
• Hydraulic tilting on 3 parts, at 45 degrees that ensures an optimal unloading for any type of load
• Hydraulic system with flexible hoses and quick couplings
• Parking brake
• 12 V electrical system for signaling and brake
• 2-wheel mechanical / pneumatic / hydraulic braking system
• Heavy-duty spring suspension
• Loading capacity: 20 tons


CharacteristicsMC 200/RT
Maximum allowable weight[kg]24.600
Own weight[kg]4.600
Number of axes3
Wheelbase[mm]4.100 si 1.360
Length[mm]2x 3.250
Shutter height[mm]700+700
Platform height[mm]1.410
Platform thickness[mm]5
Maximum speed allow[km/h]25
Required amount of oil[l]21
Tilt angle rear/side45
BrakePneumatic or Hydraulic
Minimum power requiredCP]200