GDG 421 Disc harrows

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Designed for all types of soil, disc harrows ensure a wide range of use, from replacing the main plowing, stubble-turning and up to plant residues destruction. They are intended for use in difficult conditions or on long time unprepared soil.


• Are suitable for stubble-turn at small, medium and large depth
• Big weight provides the penetration into the soil even in the toughest conditions, replacing the plowing
• Performs a quick and efficient incorporation of plant residues into the soil
• Enables the incorporation of natural excrements and of the manure by a single pass
• The roots of weeds sprung after plowing are totally destroyed, leading to a reduced consumption of herbicides
• Discs camps are equipped with spherical and aligning bearings, UC type, which take both the radial and axial loads
• The attack angle of the discs battery can be adjusted between 0-24 degrees
• Battery with serrated discs for processing and destruction of plant debris
• Hydraulic cylinder for actuation of framework for the 2 positions – working and transport
• Superficial shredding of the ground surface with serrated roller bar
• Adjustable working depth from rollers


Machine typetrailed
Power required[CP]170 - 220
Working width [m]3.9 - 4.2
Disc number33
Disc diameter [mm]710 IN FRONT / 810 BACK
Distance between discs[cm]24 in front / 32 back
Baterry arrangement"V"
Working depth [cm]*10 - 22
Productivity [ha/h]1.8 - 3.0
Transport speed [km/h]15
Working speed[km/h]5 - 8
Dimensions in working process[Lxlxh](m)3.2 x 5.8 x 1.4
Dimensions in transport process [Lxlxh](m)7.7 x 2.4 x 1.7
* Depending on soil conditions